SW solution

SW solution

Your data available at any time

Our in-house programmed, robust, modular system, designed to set up and to support processes regarding creation and flow of documents. The primary principle of the software solution is adaptation to the client’s processes, not changing to process to fit the sw.

The main advantages of the in-house built SW are::

Creation of paperless office for the client
Creation and support of digital documents and data processes
Setting up, control and evaluation of processes through the Monitoring module
Setting up a secure and controlled access to the documents and information
Integration and linking of the current information systems and two-way information interlacing
De-duplication of information in different systems of a customer
Client's unburdening physical documents by implementation of Digital archive
Automated software classification of the client's documents
Digitalization of the existent physical documents

Our software solution covers the entire lifecycle of documents from their creation all the way to their industrial disposal. Modularity of the systems allows clients to choose only those modules which are essential for them. SW solutions are always customized and modified to the needs of each client, it is always tailor-made.

Our solution is certified by the Ministry of Interior Affairs, by Decree 525/2011 on standards of electronic information systems for registry administration and management.