DL Art

DL Art

Protection of your art

We offer complete solutions in the area of artworks transport and packaging. Our services are built on long experience and are characterized by high professionalism, competence and flexibility

Our Mission

DL ART's mission is to substantially contribute to the preservation of the economic and cultural heritage in the form of providing high quality services in the area of implementation of artworks logistics.

Based on the agreement concluded on 03/01/2014 on the Transport of collection items within the National project 2/Digital Gallery, ITMS code 21120120001 DL has transported and packed more than 80 000pcs of collection items including:

paintings, graphics, drawings, photographs, applied art, sculptures, 2D and 3D objects..



DL transport artworks across the whole country. The advantages are mainly - a well-coordinated team of experienced professionals, fully equipped vehicles for transport, customer relations.

Transport fleet

Our vehicles are specifically equipped for transport of works of art and meet the criteria of museums and galleries. The technical conditions of the vehicle fleet are inspected by renowned service centers on regular basis.


Our drivers are continuously and in contact with the central office. All the employees undergo regular vocational trainings in order to increase their professionalism. DL closely cooperates with the best experts - restorers who are able to assess the real state of the art collection objects.


Due to its professionalism DL ensures safe and timely delivery of art objects and optimizes the cost transport and insurance. The transport includes: insurance of the art objects in cooperation with renowned insurance companies on favorable terms for the client.


The company DL ART safely transports your objects of art. Our experienced professionals on art packing prepare custom-made containers, use the most advanced materials to ensure a complete protection of even the most sensitive works of art.

Packing material

We use only the latest and scientifically proven materials for packing of art objects since they provide the best possible protection against physical and climatic influences.