You don’t have to look for your documents anymore

The digitalization process is divided into three phases – pre-processing, scanning and post-processing. The complete process ensures maximum level of security, efficiency and speed.

Steps of digitalization

Pre-processing consists of sorting and preparing documents for scanning in the state-of-the-art premises of Document Logistic. Paper documents are taken out from the storage units, files and filling pockets.
Subsequently, the documentation is categorized according to the client's requirements and after being ready it enters the phase of scanning. Scanning is done in high-capacity industrial document scanners which allow us to scan individual pages as well as bound documents at a high speed. We are able to scan documents of different formats and in line with the client's criteria, e.g. resolution, color, file type, multi-page storage in a single file.
After scanning the documents go to the post-processing phase where we offer professional text recognition services OCR, indexing, database saving of the scanned documents, optionally integrated with the client`s software solution, and storage space on our servers with a guaranteed document access 24/7/365.

The digitalization process itself is just a part of a broader context of our products regarding documents registration, administration and centralized storage. In this case we provide an ability to link the digitalization of documents to the processes offered by our software solution.